Monday, April 12, 2010

Lamb, Selby, & Knight Update

This weekend has been exciting for the fans of recruiting. A lot of juicy information has been leaked around to a few people and this is what I have got for you:

Josh Selby is all but signed to Kansas. He and his family liked Calipari at Kentucky, but the Kentucky coach has his eyes set on Brandon Knight (more on that later). Selby would be a great fit for any program, but would really thrive in the DDMO. That said, unless something drastic happens, Selby will commit to Kansas Saturday after Knight commits to his school on Wednesday.

Brandon Knight will commit to Kentucky on Wednesday. This has been rumored for some time that Kentucky led for the services of Knight and in a couple of days, it will be official.

Doron Lamb has been off the radar a bit compared to Selby and Knight, but now Lamb's name is picking up steam as reports are surfacing he is deciding between Kentucky, West Virginia, and Kansas. First, we'll say that Calipari has targeted Knight and Lamb above Selby. Kentucky's coach believes he will land Knight, and wants to land Lamb as well. Rumors that we're hearing says Kentucky is in prime seating to land Lamb, with better odds than both Kansas and West Virginia. It's not quite safe to say yet, but Kentucky appears to be in front at this moment in time.

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