Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on J. Wall and Henry brothers...

Keeping you posted, CollegeCarousel faithful:

The Henry brothers, who are scheduled to visit Kentucky in the upcoming days, are ever so close to making a decision on where they will attend college. The slips and word choices in public make it appear that the brothers are bound for the Big Blue of Kentucky. But is that the truth? CollegeCarousel has dug around and has been contacted by a few people that are in the know with these stars. From a compilation of information provided to us, we're expecting Xavier and CJ Henry to announce their college destination no later than Friday, a week from tomorrow.

Where to? Kansas fans can rejoice - it looks like you're adding two crucial keys to a promising future.

John Wall on the other hand has yet to publically narrow the list he currently holds. Remember, CollegeCarousel has always believed he is bound for Kentucky, but is it so now? Numerous sources have told us that although there has been no "silent verbal," the saga will end with Wall in a Kentucky uniform. When? Now that's the question. North Carolina has been publically eliminated (we said this looong ago) and the choice (publicly) will come down to the Devils of Duke and the Wildcats of Kentucky.

Soon, Kentucky will be able to claim the #1 recruiting class in the land. With Orton likely staying on board (publicly, yes; privately, maybe), Kentucky bluebloods will have something to rejoice about.

Based on Rival's Rankings, Kentucky's recruiting class will look like this:

***** - Wall
***** - Cousins
***** - Orton
**** - Hood

Is there a chance for another addition? We're learning that it's possible, but not quite probable. We'll keep you updated.


  1. Calipari is a MONSTER!!!! Man he;s amazing!! UK shall be NCAA champs next season!!

  2. Sounds good to me, sign them up!! GO CATS!!

  3. dude, this is a horrible blog.
    Carl henry, the father of the two
    just said on a radio interview on KLWN in lawrence today
    that the sons have apparently started leaning the other direction and now says its probably 70% chance for KU, 30% chance for UK.

    also, Shay Wildeboor, a staff writer, has been informed from an inside source that henry no longer wishes to visit UK before making a decision.
    stay up to date on your facts before you post this BS.

  4. great team possibilities yes. NC not likely. You will have a new system and a bunch of freshman and 3 starters that will return. I love the thought of a NC but experience will be a factor down the stretch.

  5. To the person refering to the interview given by Carl.

    If Xavier wanted to go to Kansas, he would have already.

    Once he picks his school (UK), come back to us.

  6. All the "spin" is making me DIZZY!!!

  7. Why Are Kansas Fans being such Haters??? Oh wait I know are the pre-season #1 Team in the Country and your still worried about Kentucky.

  8. no, not really. i find your fanbase (in general) extremely full of themselves, don't believe me, head over to anyone that is not a kentucky fan has to laugh out loud at their egotistical morons.

    i'm not saying i have a hunch either way, but this article was posted a few hours after the interview and it was not up to date on the latest that Carl Henry has spoken.

    You guys probably get Henry, if i had to bet, just saying that the information on here is not accurate.

    Also to the guy above that said I'm worried about kentucky?!?

    Dude, getting Henry will solidify your status as a top 25 team. If somehow you pull enough scholarships out of ur @ss by having calipari sway current players to leave (classic calipari move), then you might get wall. that might make you a top 15 team.
    I have no doubt that Calipari(as slimy as he is) will make UK a great program again. championships will come.
    just not next year lmao.

    but i love that i can hate UK now, everything about them has become despicable to me.

  9. stout class from ku, nothing new there.

  10. i find your fanbase (in general) extremely full of themselves, don't believe me, head over to anyone that is not a kentucky fan has to laugh out loud at their egotistical morons.

    Kansas fans would also be this way if they had 7 championship banners hangin

  11. Kansas still mad that Roy Williams left them for north Carolina. waaaa waaa waaaa waaa

  12. Y R the Kansas fans such haters? You dispised us bc were better than you've ever been and ever will be... since when did lawrences radio or whatever u listened to become the voice of college basketball? i think if it was 70-30 ku the henrys would b in lawrence already..but guess what theyre not... and guess what, well still b better than yall next yr... with or without...we get henry were a lot better than just a top 25 team and with wall a lot better than a top 15 team...we have everybody thats worth a count...were the best team in the country if wall n henry come hands down nobody comes close.. includin ku...rock choke gayhawk

  13. Kansas and Self are both Bitches

  14. Kentucky fans rnt full of themselves...we just kno were THE best college basketball program of all time hands down....most wins, most all americans, most everything...ucla has more titles bc they won everything n the 60s...overall NC is close but a notch down... kansas can cry all they want but the FACT remains were just better than u

  15. oh and even wo wall n henry..were probably gna get bledsoe...with him orton, hood, meeks, patterson, cousins, miller....were already solidified as a top 25 team...were the best in the SEC...solid top 20 already... DONT BE SCARED KANSAS...were coming...u better hope u all get henry bc ull need him to solidify yall as a NC contender...yall overachieved last year...just not in the tourny which is nothin new in Lawrence