Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wall doesn't list UK; what does it mean?

In a recent ESPN chat with Duke commit Mason Pumlee and North Carolina commit John Henson, John Wall, a 5-star point guard looking at a variety of different schools, was asked a few questions about his likely destination.

Nathan, Lexington, Ky: John, can you give us your current list of schools?

SportsNation John Wall: (2:38 PM ET ) Memphis, Kansas, Baylor, NC State, Miami, Duke, Carolina, Florida.

Where is Kentucky, you're asking. Well, no need to fear, Kentucky is right there. A plausible decoy is the likely scenario. Expect it to come down to Kentucky and Duke, with having an outside shot, depending on the status of PG CarolinaTy Lawson.

From the list provided, this is the way it will shake down:

North Carolina

Kansas, Baylor, Florida, NC State, Memphis and Miami are all but out.

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